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5 household items that can be useful to a witch

If you have read more than one of the posts on this blog, you would have realised that I mentioned many times that witchcraft is using what you have available at hand and making things happen. Last week's post in particular, The Resources of the Trad Witch. This time, I would like to go into the subject and mention some specifics. I promise you that you have so many witchy supplies that you didn't even know you had.

Personally, I find those a lot more useful than any other expensive pretty witchy items that are sold in esoteric shops. I do like purchasing the occasional cute cauldron for decorative purposes, but for my craft I enjoy using things I already have. This in turns means that I am incorporating my lifestyle into my craft - or my craft into my lifestyle - they kind of go together for me, so merging the two makes sense (but this may be an idea for another post).

I'm at the point in my craft where, if a family member comes to my house, and given that they don't …

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