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Magical Initiations don't Validate Your Practice

Correction to the title is in due before I start rumbling, I think. A magical initiation doesn't necessarily validate your practice. Since I started studying (and in turn practicing) witchcraft, every book I read mentioned the inevitable word: initiation. Many traditions mention that initiations are crucial to their practice and in order to join them one has to go through one. This especially is found in covens. It's kind of an entry requirement if you will.

Unfortunately, the process of being initiated never sat right with me. It just didn't make sense to me. Why should I be initiated if I want to follow a solitary path? Wouldn't one be naturally a witch? Why do I need someone else to validate who I am?

These and so many other questions went through my mind every time I came across this word. There is always this one chapter in most books mentioning initiation. I now end up skipping these chapters all together when I come across them.

The way I see it, being a witch i…

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